The litigation team at Steindle Williams has extensive experience across a wide range of civil and commercial disputes which sees us appearing in the Court of Appeal, High Court and District Court as well as in tribunals throughout New Zealand.

David Hoskin

Philip Muir, Dylan Pine and Harrison Sutcliffe

As litigators we understand the stress and expense of litigation and we explore every alternative to keep our clients out of court and their costs to a minimum.

We have extensive experience with mediation and alternative dispute resolution and frequently employ these processes as well as direct negotiation to achieve economic resolutions. However, if court proceedings are required we have the resources and experience to assiduously advocate our client’s position no matter how complex the case.

We will be straight up with you about litigation – what it costs, how long it will take, and the likely outcome. That enables you the client to balance the benefit you will gain by litigating as against negotiating a resolution.

We have appeared alongside, and against, some of New Zealand’s most respected lawyers and have been instrumental in developing the law in specialist areas.

In addition to our general litigation practice we have experience in many specialist areas of the law including: commercial and private leases, constructions contracts, weathertightness, professional negligence, easements covenants and caveats, consumer protection, privacy and confidentiality, trusts, employment and family disputes.