I am senior civil and criminal litigator heading the litigation department at Steindle Williams Legal. I have practiced for over 30 years as both a partner in another law firm and as a barrister and have headed up the litigation department of Steindle Williams Legal for over 10 years.

At Steindle Williams Legal I have developed a strong and dedicated litigation team comprising of three solicitors. Being involved in court proceedings can be a stressful and challenging time for clients and so I work with clients to guide them through the process with clear and practical advice about what to expect at all times.

I have a wide range of experience in litigation including:

Civil and commercial law:
Representing clients and appearing in the District Court and High Court in relation to:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Injunction proceedings
  • Negligence claims
  • Estate and trust claims
  • Liquidations and Bankruptcy
  • Judicial Review proceedings
  • Weathertightness proceedings
  • Proceedings under the Fair Trading Act

Arbitration disputes in relation to a wide range of commercial transactions and deals with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Mediations and dispute resolutions

Weathertight Homes Tribunal

My recent civil experience includes:

  • Judicial Review Proceedings
  • Defending a company in a multi-party claim for alleged negligence in a leaky building development for $30 million
  • Commercial Arbitration proceedings involving a claim for damages and abatement of rental as a result of damage caused in the Christchurch earthquakes
  • Estate and trust claim: issuing proceedings in the High Court for a beneficiary against a deceased estate and family trust claiming a lack of testamentary capacity resulting in a substantially increased settlement from the estate / trust for the beneficiary.

Criminal law:
I regularly appear in a full range of criminal courts including the District Court, Youth Court, & High Court conducting Criminal defence, including Crimes Act, Misuse of Drugs Act prosecutions and serious traffic matters. I also appear in the appellate jurisdiction in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

I also have particular expertise in Liquor Licensing Tribunal matters.

My recent Criminal / Tribunal experience includes:

  • Extradition proceedings
  • Murder – I appeared as lead counsel in a high profile murder trial at the Auckland High Court in October and November 2016 resulting in the client being acquitted.
  • Coroners court hearing
  • Representing applicant at hearing for opposed application for renewal of Liquor Licence for Nightclub / Bar